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Entering a Supply Order
User Functionality > Supply Orders > Entering a Supply Order

A supply order is a request to Iron Mountain for storage supplies such as empty boxes, transmittal slips, and listing sheets.  Iron Mountain transports the supplies to your location.  The Supply Order wizard ensures that you have entered the appropriate order information, specified pickup details such as priority, carrier and order instructions, and have had the opportunity to review the order for accuracy. 

  1. Select Records Management | Pickups, Add Records | Order Supplies. The Supply List Entry screen opens. 
  2. Select a Customer. Iron Mountain Connect Records Management populates the search bar and main screen as follows:
    • Information defaults into the address fields on the search bar from the customer’s default address which is set in the Shipping Address List.
    • Available supplies are listed in the main section of the screen.  Iron Mountain Connect Records Management performs the following checks to determine which supplies are available for this customer:
NOTE:  Your system administrator creates and maintains custom supply lists. 
  1. If necessary, change the address to which the supplies will be delivered.
  2. For each type of supply required, enter the quantity and click Add to Cart. Supply items are sold in bundles. Iron Mountain Connect Records Management calculates the number of items on the order by multiplying the quantity you enter by the number per bundle. For example, standard cartons are sold in bundles of 10. Entering an order for 10 standard cartons will result in a supply order of 100 standard cartons (10 bundles of 10).
  3. Next, the Supply Order wizard leads you step-by-step through the order process.  Refer to Supply Order Wizard Step 1: Supply Order Cart Items.
NOTE: Items remain in your cart from session to session until you complete an order or manually remove the item.

Supply Order Messages





Item out of stock; expect slight delay

This item is on your custom supply list, but is not carried on your district supply list.


Item not carried at this time

This item is not currently available due to low inventory.


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